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Originally Posted by Jbook View Post
So I ordered my ESS supercharger with the Arkym CF plenum over a month ago (originally told there would be a lead time of 3 weeks). I went through vendors which are both on this forum which I have had very positive experiences with in the past. I'm not going to name names becaues I don't blame them AT ALL for what is occurring.

I have been trying to get some sort of ETA on the kits arrival for the past couple of weeks and neither has been able to give me anything. Apparently the hold up is with Arkym on the CF plenum. They have not been able to get in touch with Arkym to figure out what the deal is hence them not being able to give me an ETA.

Obviously I'm pretty upset about it since I've been out 5 digits for over a month and I can't even figure out when my kit will arrive (was supposed to be my Christmas gift to myself ). Has anyone had this sort of experience with Arkym? If you have the CF plenum how long did it take for yours to arrive?

I'm considering cancelling my order and just going with some sort of painted finish, but I am also thinking I should just be patient since I've already waited this long.
That blows. Hopefully since you are out 5 digits you have another nice car/suv/truck you can drive for a couple more weeks till it arrives. Thats what I do.