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Executive dating WTF? How creepy!

So the other day I was driving a friend back from NYC and we got to talking about the lack of educated and career minded women in my part of NJ.
And he stated that about 10 years ago when he was in his early 30's and recently divorced instead of going out into the general public he went for the executive dating. And like me he was paid well and well educated and healthy was looking for the same but was having a hard time finding it in the local bars.

And was telling me that back in the early 2000's he had great success in meeting many women who were well educated and eventually his wife.

So when i got home i looked them talk about creepy! what happened to these places? They appear to have gone from reputable quazi match making agencies matching like with like to just scamming people?

Have you guys ever given one of these agencies a look?
Don't get me wrong looks are very VERY important but you know...there is just something super sexy about being naked with a gorgeous girl and talking about macro economics and marketing.

Yeah i know....odd.