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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Munit, your post is so far off from accurate my head hurts.
What is off about the simplified version I explained.

You take the amount of torque an engine can put out. You then factor in RPMS for that engine torque value and in combination the higher the revs, the more of that available torque is applied every "time" (second, ms etc). That amount of torque applied is the engine output which than is put through gear ratios to multiply its force to the wheels.

What don't you get or what is "wrong"

That is why an 8400 rpm car can use the same 280 foot pounds or whatever is available up there, and put out a thrust which kills a 450 foot pound car revving to 5500. The 280 output can be applied 3000 plus times more per quantity of measurement which means total output of force per time yields what we call engine power.

So not sure at all what you are saying is so bogus