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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
Or a leaf blower and great sealant will be much cheaper. If you want categories of towels I would say:
- drying
- glass
- quick detail spray/ buffing off wax
- all purpose (interior, rims, door jambs, etc)
I should have been more specific. I use my leaf blower followed by the Cobra Guzzler to dry, works great.

If I see a spec of dust on the hood it will get Optimum No Rinse or Meguiar's M34 detail spray or both. Then it might get Optimum Car Wax or Zaino's Z8.

So I need either more MF or towels for the outside. Zaino specifically says 100% cotton (but that leaves a pretty wide variety). Also need some better, non-lint dumping MF cloths or towels for inside, engine bay, door jambs, etc. I had planned on using the cheaper Eurow MF for those duties but the lint has been a problem.

Is there a favorite I should pick up on Autogeek or should I just go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get some cotton towels. If the latter was a good option, I don't think the MF would have such a large market share.