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Towels and MF -- to many choices!

I am at best a weekend detailer although I'm becoming quite obsessive with this car. Next book purchase is going to be Mike Phillips' Art of Detailing. While on the Autogeek site I was trying to figure out what else I needed and towels seem to be on the list.

I currently have 3 Cobra Deluxe Jr 600 towels and their waffle weave towel for the body. For the interior I have some Eurow, relatively cheap MF towels. Despite multiple washings, they still lint so they're getting demoted to the house.

A lot of the products I have recommend 100% Cotton towels. I've read plenty of opinions on various sites and it seems that cotton vs MF really does come down to opinion without one being significantly better than the other.

So Cobra Deluxe Jr's are a little too plush for interior work. And with only 3 of them I tend to dirty them up and have to wash them a lot. I need something else to replace the cheap ones and more stock for the body.

On Autogeek's website there must be a hundred choices. Can someone narrow this down for me and also suggest where to get good cotton towels? I tried searching but a search for towels returns a thousand hits, most of which were not germane.