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Originally Posted by My 10th BMW View Post
I'm an old Guy, I started driving in 1970.
Back in the 70's, car guy's were friendly towards each other, and after an impromptu stop light to stop light race, You always got a friendly wave whether You won or lost.
These days , I usually get a FU face ,or a finger , or have a guy cut Me off, so now I don't acknowledge people anymore.

What's wrong with those Kids today?
I will usually wave at other car enthusiasts. But that isn't always the case with the other side. A lot of younger people these days only want to win. They will look down on you because they want to feel superior.

If their car is faster, they will say "My car is better, I win" or else they'll say "His car is faster, but my car is better because... (insert excuse here)" It is just making up excuses to make themselves come out on top in any situation.