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Originally Posted by SROC5 View Post
Impressive, and thanks for the detail. Around May 2012 there were rumors on the GT500 getting Nordschleife lap times, but haven't seen anything since. Very curious to see how it stacks up against the Camaro ZL1 now, given they are head to head competitors.

After further thought...I know many don't like the "retro" direction a lot of american cars are taking, but the idea of have a OEM 662hp Matte Black Cobra stang that can achieve 200+ mph is the definition of an american muscle car. It's just raw in your face straight line power at a relatively attainable price point. That is something I can't think of any other car delivering at that level.
Yes, I am very impressed overall about that GT500. The very definition of a modern musclecar.

Yeah, no 'Ring times for it, but as mentioned previously in this string, it ran a 3:00.6 against the Camaro ZL1's 2:57.5 at VIR.

On the other hand, in other tests the cars were pretty close to neck and neck, as I recall, although the Mustang has the clear edge in acceleration.