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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
pointless is when i am just going out to drive not to get anywhere. that is how i get in trouble on the street in both my car and bikes. sometimes i choose to drive my car to go do an errand or something i dont just drive in circles, other than at the track, for the hell of it. if i want to go fast and have fun i save that for the track, the limits are 10x that of the street and once i went had no desire to try and be a hooligan on the street. that is pointless. playing boy racer around town isnt fun because your leaving so much on the table.
Around here there are hundreds of miles of wide open roads which have close to zero vehicular traffic. I don't advocate speeding around town but backroads driving is for me the reason to own this car.

Track is fun and all but it is always a planned event which I have only so much tolerance for and can do so often.