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Originally Posted by Yugo View Post
Doesn't make sense, car is still 300lbs heavier...sounds to me nothing other than a marketing gimmick. Most people that don't know cars too well will focus on the mere fact that the engine is lighter and overlook the car's weight.

Yes, of course S65 is obviously more powerful and better from most aspects than the S54, I was just getting annoyed by the constant comparisons on the weights on those two engines when it doesn't hold any value when the car itself is 10x heavier the weight savings on the engine.

If one were to bench press an S65 vs an S54 then I can see how the weight difference would matter, otherwise I don't given the facts above.
The location of the weight matters...a greater deal where driving dynamics are the subject. We know from the model's launch press release, and subsequent interviews with various entities associated with M Division, that the E92M3's center of gravity is lower than that of the E46M3. However, the overall height/location of the two engines within the respective models is very close. To achieve the overall lower center of gravity, more weight needs to be lower to the ground, obviously. So where do you suppose the engineers are going look to shave weight from the upper half of the car? Roof? Hood? Engine? If you say "All of the above", Bingo!

Paring down the weight of the S65 to net a -33lbs relative the S54 means the prospects for increasing driving dynamics (provided suspension and other factors are duly engineered for optimal performance) are enhanced as the less weight up high and forward offers physics, kinetic energy specifically, less weight to work with toward sending the car off the road in a turn.

Is the -33lbs a gimmick? Not to me.