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Thanks for the comments guys!!

Originally Posted by Powerbeast View Post
Great set up bro and congrats on the new E92. Do you prefer the E92 over your old E90?
Well to be all honest i like the look of the E-92 a lot more but as far as driving experience i cant tell a difference both seem equally fast and handle very similar. I liked the 4 door utility but i love the coupes look. If the M was ever released in a wagon i would have bought it since i have a thing for wagons.

Originally Posted by Koop View Post

Two questions...why the switch? And is the FR-S as rewarding to drive as everyone says?
It is hands down the most rewarding car i have ever owned, its a blast to drive around the twisty stuff and makes you push it to the limit to get the most out of her. Its a momentum car so you have to work to get good times where as in a power car you can make up for your errors in the straights.

Originally Posted by And1M3 View Post
Thanks for sharing. Love the 86 FR-S and are you planning to drop a to 2JZ engine in it? The FR-S will be a lot fast and an amazing track car.
To be all honest i like the car not having tons of power plus the boxer engine keeps the low center of gravity since it sits so damn low. The car makes me work for the time and makes me a better driver. Im planning on dropping in a roots type supercharger this year since i can catch the GT-3's with late braking and corner speed but just as we are out of the corner they are gone i need more power. Ill be tracking her in COTA Feb 1-3 so im sure i will see that i need more power since its a fast track.

Originally Posted by lenzm3edan View Post
Nice listing of car very impressive, what happened to he GT-R?
Sold it, its a fun car but makes a horrible DD plus maintenance on it was ridiculous, specially since i was tracking it. 1k for tranny oil changes, 2k for brakes, if you fart with the traction control off the warranty is gone and the transmission is way to expensive. Its like having a ferrari with a nissan badge.

Originally Posted by MKE_M3 View Post
I love the FR-S. What do you think about it as a dedicated track car? Seems like the M3 could be just as fast and still streetable. i've been thinking about using one as a track car, as well, so I'm curious on your thoughts.
Here is the thing though, i started thinking the way you do and started tracking a 500whp Evo X, GT-R, 390 WHP Nissan S14, C63, Etc. I learned the hard way that heavy cars need to compensate with power which makes them more unreliable plus they wear out tires, brakes, fluids faster than a lightweight momentum car and then ad the fact that they use huge tires and big brakes to help them rotate that huge mass. I go to the track almost every 2nd week so as you can imagine it starts getting expensive fairly easy. As far as fast i really dont know, harris hill road is a technical track as you can see in the video so big power cant compensate too much, you need good braking, corner stability, and light weight. The M has power but its a fat pig, my fr-s only tips the scales at 2450 Pounds so tires are around $500 for the set, brake pads are $180 for fronts and around $140 for rears, rotors are $240 for the pair where as compared to $1300 for the GT-R. With heavy cars you dont get consistent lap times because your tires, brakes, and engine overheat more easily. I love the FR-S and even though some may hate me i think its a better driving platform than the M it just lacks a bit of power which can be easily fixed with FI.

Here is the lap board from the track, both M cars that have faster times than this car have brakes, r comp tires, some mods and are only able to improve 1 sec of my time. On average changing from street to R comps on h2r looses around 1-2 seconds off your time so i should be faster once i put on the R1's that are sitting in my garage. I had to write over my time a couple of times since i kept improving that day:

Originally Posted by dmw16 View Post
Nice pics and vids, but for the sake of posterity - it's 56k
Thanks it was late last night

Originally Posted by beton6 View Post
Man that friend of yours really knows how to drive that E92 DCT LOL!! Had a blast that day, we need to repeat!!
Mr. Beto!! Im going in february after COTA ill give you a call my man. Fun times @ the track.

Originally Posted by mk2001c View Post
Nice stable, there. Pretty impressive times with the FRS. I also swapped my C63 for an M3. I found the M3 a lot more involving to drive, although it is a 6 speed. Not sure if I would have unloaded the AMG if it was also a manual.
I do find the M3 more involving to drive but i do miss the c63's grunt. I may trade the M for a c63 when they release the twin turbo version in a couple of years, man that thing is going to fly!!

Originally Posted by View Post
I love your car collection very impressive
Thanks man here are some more of my ex toys:

l 2014 F31 328d X-drive M-sport l 2014 F30 328d M-Sport l BMW F-800 GSA l 1997 E-420 Sport l 2014 Touareg Tdi Armoured Level B5 l
M2 on order

Compensating a heavy car with horsepower is like giving an alcoholic cocaine to sober him up...

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