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Originally Posted by Goat Rodeo View Post
Never drove the 'R' but have read it is an awesome car. I will say after driving a Cayman S and getting back in the M3, I had the exact reaction (but in the opposite direction as yours), as everything in the M3 felt so wired in and so responsive in comparison. The Cayman felt more like a sports car due to the low seating position but driving it with my foot to the floor was like "This is it? Seriously? WHERE'S THE POWER??"

Also it is a big pain to fit golf clubs in the Cayman which just makes me scratch my head; does Porsche not care about their target demographic?
Yeah, Porsche was worried about hurting the 911 sales if they gave the Cayman the best motor's they were putting in the 911. Imagine a GT3 motor in a Cayman....
I will say the difference between a Cayman S and R is pretty noticable. The S feels softer and less edgy secondary to more relaxed springs and geometry.
There are few motors that pull as well over 5000 rpm as an S65. It is like kicking in four extra cylinders. Really cool on the track on a long straight.