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I have the v1 and I really enjoy it. Mine is hardwired and I have the "savy" unit that it pretty slick and makes the daily drive less annoying. The savy connects to the obd port and reads the MPH of the car. It has a wheel on it that you select a speed (mine is at 45 MPH) below which it defaults to the "mute" volume. You get an initial alert (quick bleep according to what kind of radar it detects) then it shuts up.

Most of my driving is around town and I don't speed very often during the daily drive, so I really appreciate my radar detector not bleeping and beeping all the time. On the highway, when I am above 45 mph, I get the full benefit of the V1 alert system. Does the trick for me and I really like what the savy unit adds for driving around town. If I remember correctly the savy was an extra $40.