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Originally Posted by saildoc View Post
I beg to differ on that statement. After leaving my 2009 M3 DCT and getting into my Cayman R the difference was staggering. Everything felt so wired in and edgy, super responsive and fun to drive.
Never drove the 'R' but have read it is an awesome car. I will say after driving a Cayman S and getting back in the M3, I had the exact reaction (but in the opposite direction as yours), as everything in the M3 felt so wired in and so responsive in comparison. The Cayman felt more like a sports car due to the low seating position but driving it with my foot to the floor was like "This is it? Seriously? WHERE'S THE POWER??"

Also it is a big pain to fit golf clubs in the Cayman which just makes me scratch my head; does Porsche not care about their target demographic?

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