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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
i have no track experience in a lighter weight car. you may be correct that the feel of a cayman is more important than the power of something else. my point is i would rather have both. i would not consider a gtr as im not a fan of awd of turbos but would consider a z06 or gt3 as they weigh what a cayman does with 200 and 100 extra hp respectively. choosing my next car is actually very difficult because i could surely be happy with a cayman or exige but dont lust after those as i always have the 911 platform.
If you want to fast around a track a z06 is a lot of car for the money-not a personally rewarding experience IMHO as find the mid engine p cars. As far as weight I think the GTR is around 3800, the Z06 3150 and the cayman 3000-3100 depending on the model.