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Originally Posted by Hai_Cheo View Post
Gonna pick a few brains in this thread,

How much wider are we talking (Fender room in regards to e46M to e92M) My old set up was decently aggressive on my e46 and i'm looking at doing near the same on my from what i'm seeing on this thread, I was more aggressive on those fenders than alot of the people with e92, I do see that a vast majority of people in the forum are running 9" up front with less people running 10's. And rears for the most part are 10-11 with offsets around +10/+20


Now, I understand the whole "This car was meant to handle/track/be a racekor/etc," but I am fully aware of what I am doing is killing the 'handling' of the car but let's be real, I live in Florida, my entire state is one miserable straight line.

any insights are appreciated.
19x10 ET20 fronts are perfectly flush with either 265/30 or 275/30 [Tire brands with rounder sidewalls] (Lowered / No crazy camber or anything)... So I would guess your ET15 fronts would be good to go if you do some tire stretching + camber..

The rears will definitely need MAJOR surgery to make it happen... those offsets are way out in left field for the E9x M chasis Powerbeast has some LMs with new barrels in the works.. His rears are x11.5 ET21 which are already uber aggressive.. +4 on the other hand...

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