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Originally Posted by badazzm View Post
Had a guy brag like crazy about his e46 m3. He's like its not a BMW, its M3!! Wow. I still kept listening. He was my Gf's friends Bf who came over for the first time. Told them to go cuz he had to fill gas and we will catch up at parking. He went numb after i pulled my e92 m3 next to him.
are you implying that e92> e46? do you go numb when a skyline or lambo pulls up next to you?

need to stop hating on your own fellow bmw owners. if someone wants to race or do stupid stuff, it is up to you to say yes or no.

and yes i know that some folks think they're all that bc they have an m3, but hey if it makes them feel better, boost their ego, they're obviously looking for attention. make the world a happy place guys, not a place filed with envy and hatred.

just my rant.