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Best way to deal with very fine scratches?

A couple days ago I lifted the trunk and unfortunately the zipper on my sweatshirt was sticking out a little. That's a mistake I'll never make again.

With the trunk closed the scratches can't be seen and I really can't feel them with my nail but I also have very short nails. With it up and catching the light reflection there are a half dozen, very faint scratches from the tail light to the lip. Maybe 4 inches by .5 inch.

Also, unfortunately I have become extremely OCD since getting this car. While these scratches are barely perceptible, I want to make them go away. On any one of my other cars I'd just use some polishing compound from Advance Auto Parts but I'm afraid of trading some very faint scratches for some faint swirls that would catch the light and really be visible.

I cleaned the area with some Optimum No Rinse and tried Meguiar's M34 Final Inspection and it made no difference.

Looking online keeps leading me to products that are best used with an orbital. My detailer offered to drive down and fix it for me but I hate to make him kill an hour or two for something so miniscule.

Is there a trusted product that I could try by hand with little to no risk of making the situation worse and needing a detailer to fix my mess?