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From 2010 E90 M3 to 2013 GT-R Premium

So I took the plunge and did what many on here have already done. Some regret it, but most seem not too. I traded in my 2010 E90 M3 for a new 2013 GT-R Premium. I do miss the ride quality that the M3 offered as well as the V8 sound. The M3's stiffest EDC setting is not even as stiff as the GT-R's "comfort" setting.

But the GT-R is faster, has more torque, more stable due to AWD, gets better gas mileage, bigger fuel take (19 gal.) and gets way more attention. My old M3 got looks about once/week. But the GT-R gets looks every day and every time I drive it. Every traffic light somebody is looking over.

I used launch control on the GT-R today and it was sickening...literally made me nauseous's so fast yet you never get the feeling that you're about to lose control.

I still love the M3, and who knows, may add one (not to substitute the GT-R...but in addition) to my garage in the far future. I'll still be around the forums reading up with the latest news and helping other members out.

Here are the first pictures of Godzilla after a Zaino wash. I added Suntek Carbon Tint at 35% all around, Xpel Ultimate paint protection film (full hood, front bumper, fenders, mirrors, headlights), AAM resonated mid-pipe, and clear front reflector. The GT-R stock exhaust was already louder than my full Dinan setup. Now adding the the mid-pipe to the GT-R, made it even louder, but I can still tolerate it on the highways.

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