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Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
Actually, I'd say that a stock M3 and the Cayman R are within spittin distance on most tracks.

And a GT-R is faster than my M3. And so is a Z06. but I don't want either one of those...

I absolutely love my M3 but my next purchase will most definitely be the Cayman R. To me it's all about sensation and feel.
You are absolutely correct. I have many track sessions at Eagle's Canyon, Motorsport Ranch and Hallet in my M3 and my current spec boxster race car. A well driven M3 is fast for sure. Close to Cayman R performance. In general the P-car is superior in turns and braking but looses in the straights (down on HP). Of the two the Cayman is way more fun to drive than the M3. But some people like nose heavy, understeering cars