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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
It was on the 'bay with a bit of a crack smokin' BIN - 50's gold Seamaster automatic with dauphine hands and a ***green face*** - my best offer was accepted almost immediately, and I've been looking without seriously looking for several years for a "serious" watch with a green face as that's pretty much my color - I have green eyes and for whatever reason whenever I wear a green dress shirt I get compliments from people. However there don't seem to have been that many watches made with green faces - pink/rose, yes, blue certainly, green - not so much?

I just hope I don't regret the purchase because I still paid a good amount for it (a little over $700,) and I'm a little worried about the gold filled case - I'm definitely more of a stainless kind of guy. I paid that much just because of the green ace though and that the watch is almost exactly the same style as an old Longines that I have that used to be my daily wearer - but I started to get nervous about getting caught in the rain etc. so maybe a Seamaster is the perfect step up?

If this thread is still going when I get it, I'll post up a couple pics.

As an aside, related to previous comment - where the hell do you buy dress shirts when you're 5'11" but don't weigh 300 lbs? I actually dragged my roommates' girlfriend shopping with me a couple weeks ago, ended up at Brooks Brothers which was the only place that had "slim fit" fitted shirts, only got four and paid too much for them, and my choices were apparently blue and white. I'm *this* close to starting to have my shirts custom tailored for lack of any other choices, but I really don't make the kind of money that allows one to do that...
Rolex has a green crystal over one of their watches, but that's some bigger $$$. The vintage seas master should hold up well, just take it to get it properly serviced and the case properly revealed and it should stand up to the elements again. (Worth the money for the piece of mind in my opinion.)

I'm about 6'4 and about 200lbs with a 32-33" waist. Very wide shoulders. I take a XXL in slim fit or an XL regular fit. The regular fit still fits like crap around the middle, but it tailors well.

I have started having shirts tailor made for me. Well worth the money if you wear shirts often. My left cuff is even bigger then the right to accommodate wearing a watch. They throw a monogram in the neck for you for claiming at drycleaning and other simple touches. They fit perfect. Get into a place during a sale, and it is worth it. Full price is a bit tough to swallow. Also, some people require 2 different sleeve lengths, so this is also a good sales point.