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Originally Posted by Skullbussa
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Are you nuts?!?!? The Z06 didnt feel fast and you didnt get that kick in the pants? Did you drive it or park it? I had an 07 Z06 and it sure as hell felt fast and was a mule kick in the pants. And about your GTR. How the hell do you feel more connected to a lifeless car? Its been criticized over and over again as being a robot on the street. I guess different strokes for different folks
Hey, I know I'm bucking the internet trend, but I feel a lot more connected in my GT-R than I ever did in my Z06. The steering is a ton more communicative and I feel I know what the car is doing underneath me. In the Z06 I never had much of an idea when those meaty rears were going to throw out. Believe me I am not ****-talking the Z06, it's the best sports car per dollar - period.

But the GT-R is a video game car, it sucks, is a lifeless Japanese car, etc etc
I'm wondering if it was your tire choice on the z06 that gave it its unpredictable and numb feeling? The z06 feels numb on the highway but once on track or in a turn the steering has plenty of input. Also I just swapped on some Michelin super sport tires and its another beast all together Over the runcraps...

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