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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Does it? I would think it would sit on top of the wax. I've noticed that the rubber marks come off much easier when it has been recently detailed. But I'm not sure, I use a spray wax in between washes so its hard to tell.
It would then be doing the job of a wax or sealant. R3 is meant to be used as a type of detail spray that eliminates the bond between the rubber and paint surface. You would get the same effect from bug and tar remover, solvent, or a polish.

Waxing your paint before a track/race day will impede the ability of hot rubber to adhere to your paint. Any product that is taking off the rubber is also going to impact the wax coat and is likely to cause micro marring as you would be collecting the tire mark in your microfiber and then dragging it across the paint.

I use near death polishing pads and PF106 to quickly rid my paintwork of exploded tire shards. Always wax after.