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This does bother me a bit. People do notice and pay attention to nice cars in the parking lot. I have a group I go out to lunch with quite a bit, and there's this one guy in the group that always seems to harp on about people's rides. After I get my M3 in April, and it's my turn to drive, I have no doubt he'll have something to say. My current DD is an S5, which he called the "swagger wagon" for quite awhile. LOL, another friend of mine and I played a joke on this guy once. Shortly after I got my S5, she actually got an Infiniti G37S. We thought it would be funny to take "swagger" out into the parking lot, show him the G, and make him believe I had both the S and the G! Ha ha...he bought it, hook, line, and sinker! We meant to actually break the joke off before the end of the day, but got too busy and forgot. The next morning I came in, and found out he'd told my boss that "I make too much money"! Sonofabitch...none of his damn business what I make! Anyway, he's going to lose his mind when the M shows up, in a couple months!

Still, though, you gotta drive these babies. They weren't meant just to decorate your garage!

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