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Remember one thing. BMW built the idrive and the software system based on the iPhone. They never really considered the Android market. You cathink.rtain things with the car using your Android phone. A2DP music streaming shouldn't be a problem. As for displaying the correct names, it would depends vastly on the Android base vs the compatibility of the idrive software.

I currently use the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But my vehicle is an 09 car which doesn't support A2DP streaming. I use a Samsung HS3000 bluetooth connect to the Aux port. I've setup the phone to a point where it would autolaunch my favorite music streaming app (Pandora or Tunein) when I enter the car. Basically as long as the phone connects to HS3000, it would start streaming. Once it disconnects, app would close asap.

The question for you is if your willing to try the Android base system.

Don't rely on both products to work perfectly together.

I have used an android phone before getting the iphon4s. My brother just made the switch to the samsung note and I got a chance to really try out the phone. Basically the androids have come a long way and I really appreciate the large screen.

I am just hoping that the two mentioned apps work with the note along with text messages coming through, pandora, playing my stored music, and the bluetooth function [I dont think ill have an issue with this]