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Awesome man congrats. You'll find that your first day might be a bit overwhelming but your second day will be much better. Let us know how it goes.
second day was awesome. My instructor moved me up a group from my starting one after the first session of day 2 , I know its still a lower group but it felt good to advance so quick and was nice to get confirmation I was making some good progress for my first time.

Running in the next group was better for several reasons, 1) the drivers were faster and I didn't get stuck behind people quite as much, 2) there were more passing lanes which not only let me work on passing people in more than just the long straightaway, but also helped me become more aware of other drivers (better ones) around me that needed to pass me, 3) i think i improved even more as the people driving with me were a higher skill level than the previous group and it pushed me to become a better driver as well.

All in all I had an absolutely fantastic time and have to say Roebling Road Raceway was a really fun track and the perfect one for me to start on with the abundance of run off room in the turns in case you make a mistake.
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