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Originally Posted by Sandye90m3 View Post
I think what people have to understand about the M3, is that it's a complete different car than all the others. Many of the other 'high-powered' cars have lots of HP and lots of Torque, where as the m3 has lots of HP and mediocre amount of torque. (C63 for example)

That being said, there is very minimal amount of cars that let you rev to 8,400 (excluding exotic cars). Many people are to used to driving torque heavy cars, in which the engine barely has to do any work to get it's self going.

The M3 is designed to rev, I don't see what the problem is to let car roll in 3rd or 4th gear at 50MPH (3500rpm). This car is not meant to be sitting at 2k revs and cruising.
Problem I had was that the engine is in too heavy of a car.

250wtq is inadequate for a 60k sports car that weighs 3700 lbs.

It's not as much of an issue to have a low tq high strung motor in say a cayman s that weighs 3000 lbs