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I definitely would say use a fast shutter speed and/or a tripod. Also if you want the car to come out and not be pitch black, take the photo just after sunset, or in a shady area.

Your shot looks a bit blurry from camera shake, most likely due to a too-slow shutter speed. Edit: on second look, it might just be JPEG downsampling.

I am no expert (just tried this for the first time a few days ago when I got my new car) but here is my version with settings. It was actually taken in the morning, but it was in a shady wooded area and I essentially exposed for the background. The car is still pretty dark but the lights came out nice, I think. You can always bring up the rest of the car in post processing and brighten it, or take two shots and combine them. You'd need a tripod for that, of course.

1/400 shutter
ISO 100

This one also came out OK, but was a slower shutter to get more surrounding light in. I do like the lights in the first one better, though:

1/25 shutter (17mm lens though so not a huge issue)
ISO 800

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