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This makes no sense! Prolonging your peak power (which actually isn't true if you look at the dyno of people with 8600 plus, the power keeps climbinb) but even assuming it prolonged peak power, you prolong "414 or whatever you call peak" for 200 extra RPMS in the lowest gear possible which gives you that 414 hp multiplied by the lower gear mutlipcliation advtage for longer and that means you spend 200 rpms less in the next gear with less of an advantage and you are higher on the power curve meaning also less time at the lowest end of the power band.

Not accounting for whether its a stress to the engine, raising RPMS will ALWAYS be better for power to the ground and acceleration as long as power continues at peak, OR even a bit less than peak, given the gear multliplicaiton effect of lasting in the gear. So if the m3 held up to 9k structurally and the peak power was flat until 9k, it would be that much faster than a standard m3 at 8400

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All you really doing is stretching your peak power " not gaining power " and if you think about it that stretch is delaying you from jumping into the next gear so it works against you ,but.......... You do have an advantage of catching your next gear (upshift) at a higher Rpm, still not worth it IMO, if this is done on a built motor with added components that would let you take advantage of the added Rpm then that would make sense.