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Originally Posted by Goat Rodeo View Post
The E9X M3 was a far better car in every respect than the previous generation Cayman.

The new one looks awesome.

However E9X M3 TCO should be far lower (unless you are the type that pays cash for your car). When I was shopping (before I bought my current 2011) I got a quote on a Cayman S. Even with a substantial discount on the Cayman, my M3 has been approximately 1/3 the cost of the Cayman. Don't forget to compare both cars and the financing/lease deals offered by both companies. BMWFS practically gives the M3 away when you compare against other makes..
I beg to differ on that statement. After leaving my 2009 M3 DCT and getting into my Cayman R the difference was staggering. Everything felt so wired in and edgy, super responsive and fun to drive. The only downside I see to a Cayman is lack of trunk space and a back seat. If carrying passengers or luggage is a must then the M3 is the better car. Fun to drive? Not so much. If you never strap on a Cayman R or GT3 you will never know what you are missing. But really the comparison is a GT car (M3) vs a sports car (Cayman platform), not an apples/apples contest.