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Braille 21lb Racing Batt Installed

Alright so let me start by sharing...Yes, I've read the other threads and the down falls of cutting the battery's capacity by so much.

I installed this battery with a HP mounting bracket so everything went together really well. The hardest part was removing the factory fatty out of the rear fender area.

I charged the battery all the way on my trickle charger and then installed it at about 3pm yesterday. I drove around with my wife till around 1:30am after making 6 stops (dinner, bar, movie, casino, gas station, bar). Don't worry I wasn't drinking and driving, I played pool and darts while the wife talked with her girl friends and I only lost $55 bucks.

The amount of time at each place ranged from 10-150mins, so there wasn't much down time. The biggest distance traveled was about 20 miles, one way, so not much charge time either. I ran the heater, radio, windows, heated seats, and charged my wife I-phone during all of our travels.

Now when we reached the house, I plugged in the trickle charger to see the red 25% life led flashing at me. I was really surprised that one evening out pretty well cashed out the batteries charge life!

Consider this fair warning that you could be strained with this battery in ONE day!

Now to share that the M isn't my daily driver, but my toy like a lot of you guys out there. I figured on plugging it in each time, so I just chalk it up to practicing for my electric car someday in the FAR FAR Far future. I hope!