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Originally Posted by jdogg2000
I had an '08 E93 M3 for 3 years... I now have an E92 M3. While I enjoyed the top-down experience, I knew that this time around I wanted the more hardcore M3. I loved the sound of the M3 with the top down, and cruising around was nice, but I can feel the weight difference significantly between the E92 & E93... both in acceleration and handling. Guess it all depends on what you prefer.
This. I did same, also went from MT to DCT. Don't regret anything. I didn't put the top down enough to justify the weight difference. Handling is superior as well with the coupe which I realize is no big revelation. Convertible was a fine car though.

My suggestion is to stick with your coupe and it sounds like that's what you decided to do.

Edit to add: I went from '08 E93 to '13 E92, so there are a lot of other things that have made me happier. Huge improvement to iDrive and technology for example.