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yeah drove it to work every day when it was brand new templates and everything...

before that i was driving a z06 in between that an out of state tagged 330ci and have a street bike.

i made more than everyone on my assignment because of my education and previous work experience, I also work saturdays at my friends shop for extra cash.. so yeah 6k dollar breitling (i know in teh luxury watch game that is cheap but i love my breitling), expensive cars, judge me if u want i worked my ass off for 5 years thru college and grad school and work very hard at my jobs

while everyone else was getting drunk in college and coming home from the city. i was on the ferry at 4am on my way to work, when everyone else was going out partying at night i was writing thesis and papers and shit.

theres always haters ... same thing when i work at my friends shop and customers ask how i can afford that car and i explain well this is my second "fill in" type of job if that makes sense.