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Originally Posted by bigjae1976
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so you have it and think it sucks? get rid and get jrz, mcs.
I have the Stage II + GC plates. I like the subtle drop but I detect a minimal increase in performance. Yes, the car is more neutral with a square tire setup but you still have to wait to put the power down. The rear just runs out of travel and starts bouncing off the bump stops. The hp is useless on exit. I estimate that my 330 (25-30whp less) is about 1-1.5 seconds faster per lap, per mile because I'm getting back on power way sooner and much more aggressively.

I've since went from RS3s to NT01s which have helped keep the rear more stable and I think puts it on pace with my 330. I know I'm still crushing the bump stops on the exits of tighter corners.

I want to get the TC Kline D/A or maybe the KW CS but this car still needs to be comfortable. I do think the TCKs can be comfortable but I don't want to take that risk at this point.
I have Dinan Stage 3. You should add the carbon rear toe links and carbon strut tower braces from Dinan. My car handles incredibly well.