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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
A situation like the one below is why I love the arrows:

I was driving down alligator alley in South Florida, the V1 starts off beeping the Ka band and showing 1 signal ahead of me. V1 starts beeping around 78 miles on my trip computer with me traveling at aprox. 70mph. As I'm approaching the first bogey the V1 signals a 2nd bogey has appeared. As the first bond the cop were closing at 70mph towards each other) the V1 indicates the cop driving past me, but continues to show another signal still coming from ahead. Eventually the signal from the first cop weakens, but is still there as the rear arrow is lit up, and the forward arrow starts to flash showing that the bogey ahead is the stronger signal. At 82 miles on my trip odometer (another 2 miles warning) a state trooper drives by. Without the arrows I might have thought I was still picking up that first cop and had a false 2 signal reading from the signal bouncing off other vehicles or something like that.

Video of the encounter:

eye's forward!!

maybe it's my crappy laptop but that video took forever to spool up.
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I was thinking of foaming that hole as well.