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OP. Thanks a million for the post. Been in love with these high revving monster for over 20 years ever since owning my 1988 E30 M3 (Only 4 banger I knew putting out 200hp at the crank with technologies so far ahead of it's time. Everyone else was boosting). Making more power out of these NA marvels is clearly more challenging than any FI cars. I compare my M3 to 135 everyday, & the choice is clear, the M!(can't beat the power DELIVERY). After our last trip to Austin, TX for F1, and you the spec of an F1 car stating 2.4L V8 putting out almost 800hp, I had a beautiful grin on my face. Reminded me of very cars S2K, coswrth, and M engines. I'm leaving the heart of my beast alone and I'm going to keep working on the only thing I ever complained of, since getting the car, WEIGHT (Yes I'm nuts, but I'd spend 20K on tasteful weight loss for my ride before I'd spend 25K to stroke it + labor, especially since I track that beauty). So, thank you OP for reminding us of the Picasso that lies withing these awesome M cars.