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A little backstory. I posted a thread a while back about someone hitting my car and messing up my bumper. So fast forward a little, I talked to insurance and got them to get me a new bumper and such. Since Bmw doesnt do bodywork here where I live (dont know if its the same everywhere) they recomended to me this bodyshop where they can paint my bumper and whatever. So I dropped my car off and they painted and then put my clear bra on all in about 5 days so when I got it back it looked like this.

Now after I saw it I was f$%@ing furious. I asked to speek to the manager at the body shop right away and asked him why the bumper is a different color than my car. He told me "On a color like your cars (mineral white) we could never get the color as it was before and if you want the bumper to look the same color we have to paint the whole car, you can talk to your insurance about that" I was literally about to punch him in his face because he sounded so stupid. I mean really? Even if you cant get the color right (which you can i talked to other bodyshops) how could you get it that bad? and he went on to say that that was all they could do.

So i go to my insurance right away and show them what they had done to my poor baby. They were furious too and when i explained what the guy had said to me he was even more mad and said how could someone be so stupid. Anyway I have to wait till monday now for my insurance company to talk with the bodyshop and whatever else. I will not go to the same bodyshop when they tell me what they will end up doing becuase I dont want them to mess anything else up. Just my luck.

*ALSO its not the clear bra, I went to where they installed it and it was the same place where I got my hood and old bumper done before. They said when they got the car they noticed it wasnt the same color and laughed about it, and said that it wasnt the clear bra.*

*UPDATE* I had BMW call the body shop they recommend and also my insurance contacted them and shortly after the body shops manager called me. He told me to come by and talk to him about what will happen.

So I go and wait for him for 30 minutes since he was doing something and then he takes a look at the car and says they want to repaint it. I told them that I don't want it to get repainted here and that I found another body shop to go to.
He kept telling me how I should get it redone there and how they will try to fix the mistake and I said "there shouldn't have been this big of a mistake in the first place." Then he was talking to me like I was stupid and kept telling me about the paint and how it's hard to match but it seems like they didn't even try. So I'm going to talk to my insurance, and make them pay for it. Then it'll be the body shop and my insurances problem not mine.

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