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Group Buy Feeler for BMWLogger Data Logging Software for MSS60 DME
I wasn't entirely sure where the best place was to post this. I figured since this section of the forum revolves around Engine and ECU Modification, this would be most fit. Moderators, if you feel this to be more appropriate else where, feel free to relocate.

Many of us are starting to explore different avenues in pulling out power from our cars. In my opinion, to maximize power and to measure safe gains, data logging is an integral part of the journey. Running our cars on the dynos seem to be a common trend these days, but as many know, it only shows a small part of the story. This led me to researching in ways of affordably logging data on the road and track.

Acquiring a means of logging data gives us the ability to see what are cars and DMEs are actually doing in real life conditions, not just simulation on dyno rollers in a very controlled environment. This information could even possibly be sent to different tuners for review in case of revamping one's tune or set of modifications.

I have looked over many different tools and often times, were way above my budget. Finally, I stumbled upon a very nice program, BMWLogger by **************. Priced at an incredible rate, when paired with a proper OBDII-USB cable, one can easily monitor and log data.

The software has notable features such as:
  • Read and Clear DME Fault Codes
  • Clear Adaptations
  • Real-Time Datalogging of different parameters (IAT, Ignition Advance, RPM, VANOS, etc)
  • Record, Save, and Load Data for Review
  • Export data to CSV
Here is a short tutorial video going over the interface of the software.

Here is the link to the ************** website:

After speaking with the software developer of BMWLogger, he offered a nice opportunity for the E9X M3 Community to join in on a Group Buy.

The software is already priced at a friendly $49. In addition, all you need is a compatible OBDII-USB Cable. If Group Buy commences, I will try to collate some good sources for compatible cables. Rest assured, if we can get a handful of individuals to commit, the price of the software will lower to cover some of the cost in investment in a cable.

Pricing Break Down Based Upon Committed Buyers
Original Price : $49
1 - 4 : $39
5 - 9 : $29
10 - 19 : $24

Group Buy Participant List
1. flipm3 - PAID
2. mkPOTO
3. LostMarine - PAID
4. edwinm3
5. signes - PAID
6. urBan_dK - PAID
8. dngo - PAID
9. e92zero
10. kerrit
11. elim11
12. Edmbimmer88
13. 1sikbmr - PAID
14. lacartus
15. Sticky - PAID
16. BrenM3
17. casual_gamer
18. aussiem3
19. em5464 - PAID
20. italyix
21. WayneM3
22. casual_gamer - PAID
23. Sean05
24. longuyen88
26. img
27. akh23456
28. slowfast - PAID
29. GMW

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