Thread: Audi S6 vs. M3
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At freeway speeds, our cars with bolt-ons or stock are pretty quick when at speed...the 0-60 time is actually the weakest stat of the M3 given the power curve and wheel torque (too much) at launch, but at speed, it's a pretty fast car. I was in several very similar situations on the highway (with no traffic) with an E60 M5, IS-F, Ferrari 360, Ferrari F-430, and Porsche Carrera 4s. In all situations, no one could either close the gap (actually widened) if behind me, or pull away if in front. The F-430 I suspect the driver may have not been revving as high as he should have, as I believe there were still MTs in those cars, whereas I was using the full powerband to redline in 3rd..he really should have pulled away plain and simple, but for whatever reason I was closing in until I let up. The only vehicle that I could never pull on (was from a dig) was a modded/lightened 335i/is. Once we both hit the highway, I eventually pulled away.