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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
Are you sure it was the 2013 S6?

With what is going on out there with new S6, (2013) E63AMG and S8, they should all leave M3 with a view of their tails at least from get go.

I would like to know how the new M4 will compare to E63's predicted 0-60 3.4 sec acceleration.

Also, if it was the 2013 S6, he could of been possibly on his break in period where he just let you go.....
Definitely a 2013 S6, given the badge, wheels, light config - I saw it clear as day when he pulled up close.

Break-in I guess could of been a factor, but the guy had his real plates on which would indicate he has had the car for about a month's time. Don't know how many M owners have met the break in period in 2 weeks or less

Also, I did hear him rev that engine when he dropped the hammer, he was not taking it easy to say the least. I guess my ESS Tune gave me a slight edge perhaps, who knows, but I was surprised to have beat him up to the top of 4th gear (you can guess the speed at that point...)