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What is the "best" speaker / amp - share the opinion thread

I know this is a loaded question, in fact I hope it really becomes a deep thread. I've done custom audio install in my cars in the past, in fact some very high end stuff. But this was in e36 days so I assume technology has changed.

Doing a cursory check of the web and reading through this section of the site many of the names have changed are new to me.

When I was doing the work, components from A/D/S, speakers from Dynaudio were the stuff to get. I doubt ADS is still in business and Dynaudio sold out to be a component in VW. So the world turns.

Please share your experience with high-end gear. I'm looking for options in upgrading my stock 2011 HIFI system with new speakers and amp. The goal is to reuse as much stock location as possible, with the possible exception of sub in trunk - though I have that covered with JL amp and speaker already.

Many thanks and opine away!