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Creaking in front end - Car has Dinan SIII suspension

In Chicago where I live we've had very low temps of late, 20-30 degrees. It seems that when the car has been sitting in the cold, it does this more but in general does it if pushed hard enough regardless.

The regardless part, engine warm, driven for 30 minutes or so, same ambient temps and much less pronounced.

So the "it" is creaking. It sounds like metal on metal. The sound sounds like it's coming from the chassis/body, and it sounds, for lack of a better description, like old mattress springs.

The car has a Dinan Stage III suspension wonder if this is a suspension issue or something else?

The sound "seems" to be coming from the passenger side wheel area, though from time to time the sound seems centered.

What could this be? I want to take it in but save myself lots of cash in troubleshooting by providing them a target to look at.

Thanks in advance all!