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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
The DCT is a superior gearbox but I still think a 6MT is more satifying to drive.

Personally, I find the DCT more difficult to drive on the track. Its much harder to get into a rhythm and there's more shifting. I actually kind of find it distracting. Its so easy to grab the wrong gear...just takes a flick of the paddle. Maybe I need a louder exhaust so I can hear the engine better.

Vs my 6SP 330. I clearly know what gear I am in. There's something about the slotting in of the gear lever while YOU blip the throttle and the bark of the engine...done by your own foot.

I enjoy the DCT, it IS the greatest transmission I have ever had. On the Nurburgring I found it slightly boring and difficult at times with selecting a gear and when trying to get that gear working for it. I couldn't imagine on another track that requires more frequent shifts. Great experience but not like my last 6SPD on the track, just slam into the gear you want. Nothing can truly replace the ultimate feel of a 6SPD but nothing can compare to the DCT performance. I did an airfield event and found the DCT to be best in this situation, almost like an auto-x event but free for all style. I did notice for drifting events DCT is the way to go, never had to remove my hands from the wheel.

The most important this is that I can talk on my phone, drink my Monster and drive all at the same time with DCT. Just kidding!