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BMW Motorsport bushings

Hi guys,

I posted this up at E90post but got no love, so I'm here hoping M3 enthusiasts will be keener to answer

I'd like to upgrade the bushings on my car. I plan to get these changed at 30k miles, which I've heard is the time when things start going...

I'm running a 335i E90 LCI. Car is a DD, so it needs to be streetable...

What I'm in for:
Front Lower Control Arm Bushings (LCAB) - Motorsport Race
- I guess this is a no-brainer, at the price? $99

Rear subframe
My biggest dilemma. I've heard of the E46 subframe cracking, and I'm scared that this would happen on my car if I switched to solids?
On the other hand, some people say that by going solid you actually reduce the risk of cracking the shell/subframe? I don't understand this... the bushings damp any forces acting on the subframe and prevent them from reaching the body shell. If you remove the rubber and put in solids, then there is nothing to damp the forces and ALL of it is transmitted into the shell?
Sooo... options are stock M3 subframe bushings, or Turner Delrin, or polyurethane...

Rear trailing arm:
Lets refer to the powerflex diagram here:
The parts listed at Turner as: Rear Trailing Arm Bushing - Inner + Outer - BMW Motorsport Race Rubber - E82, E9X, are for number 15 on the diagram, correct?

Is there anything else that needs doing at around 30k bushing wise? Any NVH associated with these mods?

Also, is it good to do anything else while getting the subframe bushings changed? I've heard its wise to do the rear sway bar? How will the car handle provided that I only switch the rear sway and keep the front sway OEM (M packet)?

Many thanks.