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Originally Posted by Ti335 View Post
The prestige hierarchy that you are suggesting simply does not exist anymore. Mercedes has long stopped being #1. In fact, most of their models, except for the very high end ones, cost less than comparable Audi and BMW models. In a way, they have become the "value brand" of the European luxury segment.

In Germany, Audi is by far the best selling luxury car. More than that, it's the second best selling car brand period, second only to VW. To me, success in the German domestic market is much more indicative of the true quality of the product than success in the USA. Most Americans have absolutely terrible taste in automobiles and spend big money crappy cars like Lincoln, Lexus, Cadillac Escalade, etc. Audi also easily outsells Mercedes and BMW in the rest of Europe, Russia, China and many other Asian countries. Audi's sales are also growing at a greater rate as compared to BMW's or MB's.
Really, these cars are crappy? So apparently if one doesn't buy German he has bad taste. Good Lord. If you like a tarted-up Volkswagon, then by all means go buy yourself an Audi. Gee, I've been to Toronto, I don't recall EVERY car being either an Audi, Mercedes, or a BMW. Oh no, even some American cars are built in Canada!