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Originally Posted by SAINT VAN ROCK View Post
Well, nothing major....just need your assist with a V1 hardwire install and brake pad swap out. I have been holding out until my financial superwifer clears me for the LED's, Angel Eyes, wheel replacement, CF lip, and diffuser
Kev, I've got a deal for you. I purchased an Arkym CF lip painted gloss black. It needs a new paint and clear coat, which I plan on hitting up Winslow for (gotta see if these guys are legit and can do it all for ///M Flight). Anyway, I then immediately turned around and bought a whole new front bumper/lip combo (I'll leave out who made it for the anticipation), so I'm going to have a lip I'll consider off loading....and since we're ///M Flight, I'll give you the discount.

Let me know, it's still off in the future, but the lip is already enroute to my sisters place in the Springs....oh, the bumper too....she's going to be like "your mods are filling up my garage!"
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