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Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
It is more likely that the C7 performance is nipping at the heels of the C6 Z06, I am sure a C6 Grand Sport will be no match for the Stingray.

The problem with Corvettes, that I hope they've eliminated with the C7, is dealing with tire roar, terrible Chevy service departments, fit & finish issues (shrinking carpet, squeaky seats, etc) and cabin heat soak. But the worst thing about my 2008 Z06 was the fact that it was an incredibly fast car that just didn't feel like it was incredibly fast. Steering feel was numb, gearing was so long that you didn't get that kick-in-the-pants feel. And then there is the Corvette stigma - no matter how much you don't care, it still becomes an issue now and then.

The C7 is obviously a huge step forward from the C6, but they need to make the driver feel more connected to the car as I do in my GT-R. If they can fix that problem, and they can give me a turbo V8 for the next Z06 for under $80k, I'll consider selling the Nissan.
Are you nuts?!?!? The Z06 didnt feel fast and you didnt get that kick in the pants? Did you drive it or park it? I had an 07 Z06 and it sure as hell felt fast and was a mule kick in the pants. And about your GTR. How the hell do you feel more connected to a lifeless car? Its been criticized over and over again as being a robot on the street. I guess different strokes for different folks