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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Confused. On the track, especially, a Corvette will destroy an M3, particularly if you are talking Z06 or ZR1.
Originally Posted by gthal View Post
We all agree the M3 is spectacular for what it is... but this statement makes little sense to me. The Corvette is a better performing car than the M3 in almost all variants even when looking at the C6... for drag races and ESPECIALLY at the track. This is a car that has more power and torque (even in base form) and weighs WAY less than an M3. From a pure performance perspective, there is little to compare even with the C6 but with the interior improvements and, without a doubt, performance improvements the C7 is in a completely different league.

Now, if you need a back seat, trunk and a more commuter friendly car, the M3 is hard to beat.
Originally Posted by swanson View Post
What do you mean by performance pack?
Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that the corvette should not be compared to the european marques. It's in a league of its own.