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3 out of those 8 died in CAR ACCIDENTS! People died in car accidents everyday. Great, you found 5 cops killed by criminals while performing their duty. That's out of how many tens of thousands of cops in the country? I can probably find a list 10 times that size of miners or electricians or construction workers also killed while performing their duty. The point is not that cops are immortal or that they never die. The point is that the occupational risk to their lives has been greatly exaggerated and inflated beyond its actual size.

As for your G20 propaganda drivel I won't even waste my time addressing this nonsensical garbage. Everyone, from the mayor, to the premier, to the Police board, to SIU, to OPIRD, and even the chief of police Bill Blair himself, all admitted that there were serious violations of human rights and attacks on peaceful civilians by the police. So your denials and lies are at about the same level as denying that the earth is round or that humans evolved from apes :rolleyes