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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
That's a total appeal to emotion, just like the people who post pictures or discuss the dead children at Sandy Hook. Total sensationalism, and strawman.
You think the NRA doesnt use the fear, sensationalism, and emotion to motivate their own people and swell membership ?

Seriously ?

One side uses the emotional fear of losing your own child (despite the insanely low risks) to motivate them. The other side uses the threat of mass gun confiscation and the inevitable resulting government tyranny (despite the equally low risks) to motivate them.

The difference is, the number of recent mass shootings at schools is not zero. The number of recent tyrannical government takeovers in places without an armed populace is zero. This suggests that a LOGICAL response would be to say that one risk is in fact lower than the other, at least today.

If you must compromise 1 to respond better to another, the lower risk position should give more ground. It's pretty hard to find logical fault with that axiom.