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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Question: Do you know why a constitutional amendment was required to prohibit the production and sale of alcohol?

Hmmm... let's see... because back then, the Supreme Court could not leverage judicial fiat to change the meaning of the words in the constitution as easily as they can today? Please tell us your version, I'm sure it serves your agenda better than my version does.

What exactly does that have to do with my theory that it's easier to find some who will say "Pry this gun from my cold dead hand", than it is to find someone who will say "Pry this beer from my cold dead hand".

People toss "strawman argument" around quite liberally, and yet I'm being asked if I know what a flash suppressor is. WTF?

For the record, I do know, although I cannot claim to have personally used one myself. Totally unclear as to the relevance of that question. Lets say I didnt know what it was (which is what I'm sure you were hoping for). Would it somehow refute my suggestion that it's a disgraceful reflection on the gun laws that Ms. Lanza couldnt be charged with much of anything if she were still alive today?

These tangential obfuscations are really becoming quite bizarre. Richard Dawkins engaging the Pope himself about the existence of God would yield more productive talking points.....